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The art of adventure.

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River Bend; The Narrows, Zion UT ↬ Human For Scale
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{ 8:46am & 9:03am }

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A Punch in the Gut

I finally started to doze off at midnight last night. I rolled over to face the wall and felt my necklace fall to the left side.

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I Bet Robin Williams Knew He Was Loved. Unfortunately, Love Doesn't Cure Mental Illness.


Just read this article, and I figured I should share it since it really resonated with me.  I figure it will do the same for others.  It’s a quick read, and in my opinion, definitely worth it.

It really resonated with me as well. The passing of Mr. Williams is a tremendous hit to the heart for those of us dealing with depression.
A little bit of insight to those who don’t quite understand wouldn’t hurt.

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